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Find and Follow People on Twitter on Your PC :

Similarly, as with numerous long range informal communication locales, there are hazards for youngsters. Also, a considerable lot of the dangers are equivalent to those which accompany the wide range of various interpersonal interaction locales. Twitter is an extremely open gathering. While clients can lock their profiles so no one but devotees can see their tweets, it’s by and large an extremely open site.

Right away, tweets can be seen by thousands and with youngsters, the issue is that regularly they fail to remember that what they say online isn’t private, it’s particularly open. Regardless of the security settings, any tweet can be retweeted by different clients whose supporters can then retweet this once more. This implies in only seconds, messages can be seen by large number of individuals. Twitter is a somewhat unique structure with numerous long-range interpersonal communication locales in that frequently.

Twitter Login:

  • If you want to find and follow people on Twitter while using your PC, then you have to log in with your online account.
  • Copy and paste the Twitter URL to visit the page
  • Next at the center-right section of the screen, there are three options Google, Apple, and Sign up with phone or email.
  • For logging in through a phone and email click on ‘Already have an account? Sign in’.

follow people on twitter

  • You can also log in with Apple, Google or phone, email and username.
  • Add the login details and complete the login procedure.

Retrieve Twitter Login Information:

  • If you have forgotten the login details then use the portal URL
  • Next click on the ‘Forgot password?’ button.
  • Add the account associated email, username, or phone number click on the ‘Search’ button.

Sign Up with Twitter Account:

  • Visit the Twitter official URL
  • Next choose from the three options for signing up and for the phone number or email option.
  • Enter your name, phone number, date of birth click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Follow the page instructions after this to complete the signup.

How to Find People on Twitter Using Your PC:

  • Visit, and enter your username and password. Then click the sign-in button.
  • After signing in click on the Discover tab on the tab bar of the page.
  • On the ‘Discover’ page, you have several ways to find out the people you want to follow.
  • Use the searching field to enter the name of the one that you want to follow and then press the enter key on your keyboard to search him or her. You can click on ‘People’ option in the top left corner to filter the searching results.
  • Click ‘Who to Follow in the menu list located on the left side of the page. On the ‘Who to Follow’ page is the list of people that Twitter suggests according to the people you have followed and other information.
  • Click Find Friends tab to find friends from your email address book such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Simply click ‘Search Contacts’ button and sign in to your email account on the popup page. If the page asks for permission, click Allow Access. You can also send your friends an email to invite them to Twitter. Enter the email address of your friends and click on the ‘Invite Friends’ button.
  • You can also find popular accounts based on different categories. Simply click Popular accounts section.
  • No matter in what way you find the people you want to follow, it is always easy to follow by one clicking on the ‘Follow’ button.

Twitter Contact Support:

To get more information send am email to @TwitterSupport.

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